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Iris Technologies Services offers integrated solutions in the field of environment related to water, air and energy.
We propose solutions to preserve the environment : Compact systems with optimized investments and operating costs. 

“Easy to install” solutions adapted to your needs, based on our engeneering and IT development skills.

All the technologies proposed by IRIS Technologies Services are completed and integrated with intelligent systems for IT 4.0 optimization, allowing the monitoring of functionality and theprevention of breakages and maintenance interventions.

This integration also allows easy access to dedicated loans and funds.

We are taking small steps to make Earth a better planet

through the integration of our technologies we can offer a complete service of management, treatment and reuse of harmful emissions, waste water and civil and industrial waste

What We Do

Renewable energy generated electricity has the potential to make a major contribution to both future electricity supply
and the mitigation of climate change

Wind Energy

More than 1000MW in Europe

Solar Energy

More than 66MW in Europe

Hydro Energy

Projects for more than 80MW

Saving Environment

Reducing emission and using natural resources

Energy Saving Technologies

With unused waste, water and heat

Smart Solutions

high-tech solutions for energy management and saving

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ITS proposes systems for treating exhaust gases from ships in ports.
With more than 90% efficiency, the polluting emissions generated by the auxiliary engines of the boats are almost eliminated.

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With its technological partner IRIS Technologies offers a compact and autonomous solution for water treatment.

Compact sewage plant

  • Small footprint of the sewage treatment plant
  • Ready-to-use system with Plug & Play unit
  • Quick to install, simple and compact
  • Mobile system

Environmentally friendly

  • Low environmental constraints (vibration, noise, odour)
  • 100% biological operation without addition of reagents
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimum of civil engineering work

Easier operation

  • Very little electromechanical equipment
  • Very low maintenance
  • Simple and non-technical maintenance

Treatment performance

  • High performance treatment
  • Compliance with discharge standards according to regulations
  • Low sludge production
  • Robustness and reliability of equipment



Smart IoT Lamppost powered by wind and solar with integrated energy storage and grid connection that enables multiple integrated applications.

With our solution, it’s possible to transform a simple street light into a carbon neutral device that can be used for multiple IoT purposes.

The grid connected unit first uses the available renewable energy. Only if the batteries are depleted it will consume part of the energy from the grid.

With this, Omniflow systems achieve dramatic savings >90% compared with regular lighting and even >60% with standard LED.




IRIS offers a “turnkey” solution for the installation of its energy saving system ME.SI.
IRIS is able to estimate the forecast savings made by its ME.SI system.
An IT platform allows you to control the operation of the system and to constantly verify the energy savings.

The idea is simple: to operate the thermal network by optimizing gas and electricity consumption while maintaining a constant “reference” temperature. The device ME.SI. will manage “intelligently” with a set of sensors the right temperature regime.

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Universal ecologic Cleaner ”Liquid Molecular Fragmenter”

The revolutionary formula AKKA2O LMF® constitutes the basic component of a series of products specially designed for cleaning treatments in the industrial and domestic environment. A real technological innovation: ecological, biodegradable, respectful of the delicate ecosystemic balances, characterized by high efficiency and great simplicity and versatility of use, always guaranteeing a quick result. Our product allows you to perform industrial washes more effectively in less time.

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